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An appeal to the legal profession from the MAG Chairperson

Glaxo has never been found guilty of inducing Adhesive Arachnoiditis with Myodil (Iophendylate). The early 1990's UK litigation against Glaxo did not bring adequate compensation or even recognition for the majority of people who were permanently injured by Myodil. Thousands came forward but only a few hundred received recognition and a pitiful amount of compensation because the victims were persuaded to accept an out of court settlement. This was because Glaxo withheld extremely important research findings about Myodil, the DoH would not release patient's records unless solicitors agreed to only pursue Glaxo. The whole litigation criteria for diagnosing Adhesive Arachnoiditis was the most crooked ever designed by very clever Glaxo solicitors, it was purposely flawed so as to eliminate 90% of sufferers from being allowed to take part in the litigation. If one had a operation after Myodil injection one had to have Adhesive Arachnoiditis below or above the operation site and not over the actual operation site. If one had no operation then one had to have Adhesive Arachnoiditis over two vertebrae levels and not just one. They also avoided having to distinguish between Focal Arachnoiditis and Adhesive Arachnoiditis. There are also thousands of people who have developed Myodil induced Adhesive Arachnoiditis since the early 1990's litigation, this is because some people had only recently undergone the procedure and Adhesive Arachnoiditis may not fully develop for up to thirty years later. All these uncompensated/unrecognised sufferers are being denied their human rights by being refused their day in court. The UK government is one of many Western governments which complain strongly about poor human rights in certain countries, whilst itself denying some of it's own citizens their human rights, the sufferers of Myodil induced Adhesive Arachnoiditis being one example. One can only think that this is because of their own involvement in the Myodil scandal.

Glaxo have never been tried in court for inducing Adhesive Arachnoiditis with Myodil. We can provide evidence that Glaxo and Kodak were aware of the link between Iophendylate and Adhesive Arachnoiditis prior to its initial FDA New Drug Application. Animal and human clinical trials prior to FDA NDA [its initial license in May 1944] clearly showed that Iophendylate WOULD cause Adhesive Arachnoiditis and the 80+ secondary related medical conditions or symptoms due to injection. Glaxo, Kodak and later Alcon's private Library collection now clearly show they knew of the link to CIAA as of 1944. I am asking members of the legal profession to examine in detail the evidence listed on our website. Using this evidence we hopefully would like to form a case against Glaxo, take them to court and finally win recognition and compensation for our members and all UK sufferers, but we can not fund a case ourselves. There are also groups of sufferers in Australia, New Zealand, America, and other parts of the world who are fighting for recogniton and compensation. Would it be possible to unite with these groups of sufferers in other countries and form a much larger case against Glaxo? If you think you can help us please contact me.

Ursula Coxhead

By Permission of Dr. Burton M.D.
The Conference on Arachnoiditis,
London, 1995. Introduced by
Ursula Coxhead

Dr. Charles V. Burton M.D. F.A.C.S., the eminent American Neurosurgeon, Director/Founder of The Institute for Low Back and Neck Care, and current President of the Association for Medical Ethics states (2011) in all cases Myodil caused a Toxic Chemical Meningitis to some degree which then progressed leading to levels of Adhesive Arachnoiditis.

Dr. Suzanne Parisian M.D., in her 2002 expert report states: "Physicians and FDA in the 1940's through the 1980's were not told that the "risks" of Pantopaque (Iophendylate/Myodil) were seen in animal testing to be equivalent to the unacceptable "risks" of other oil-based imaging agents." "It is my opinion, within a reasonable degree of medical certainty, and based on my training and experience, that such negligent actions by Lafayette Pharmacal and Alcon Laboratories prior to 1983 directly contributed to the chronic Pantopaque-related spinal injuries reported within the U.S. population."

Professor Michael Sage, Past President, Chief Counsel, and Honorary Editor, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists states (during the 2012 Australian Parliamentary Round Table Inquiry): "I believe that the most common cause of chronic arachnoiditis is Myodil, and most people have been suffering for 40 years."

Professor Marcus Stoodley, Professor of Neurosurgery at Macquarie University states (during the 2012 Australian Parliamentary Round Table Inquiry): "I have researched the literature and I have seen the animal studies that have been done and the clinical reports that has led to my view that there can be no doubt there is a connection between the use of those oil based contrast agents and the development of arachnoiditis."

Myodil Myelography was nothing less than human experimentation and medical terrorism. All patients including myself were subjected to the torturous procedure of being assaulted when a hypodermic needle was thrust in to our central nervous system and injected with the poison Myodil (Iophendylate). We were then left brain damaged, crippled, incontinent, and in agonizing pain. There are also records on this website about some patients who died instantaniously, which under normal circumstances would be classed as murder or manslaughter. It is now proven and widely accepted that in all cases Myodil caused the incurable, untreatable, iotragenic disease toxic chemical meningitis, which progressed to the devastating crippling condition Adhesive Arachnoiditis. Glaxo and the medical profession would have you believe only 1% were affected, but this is also proven untrue by statements from all patients that they suffered a reaction and have been left seriously injured. This can only mean doctors were not reporting reactions or the true figures have been witheld. By refusing to accept this medical injury Glaxo, governmental health authorities, and the medical profession are inflicting political and medical cruelty.

Since the UK freedom of information act you have a right to access your medical records, and a right to read every medical report in your file, you also have a right to ask for copies but you might have to pay. The two Myelogram reports should be in your file and it should say what contrast medium they used (but don't be surprised if they have "mysteriously" disappeared). To access your file you will have to contact your current hospital and make an appointment to see your file, or you can write to your hospital and ask what contrast medium was used in the Myelograms, you can also ask them to send you copies of the reports but you may have to pay. You also have a right to a CD copy of the recent MRI scan, and a copy of the report, but again you might have to pay.

If you have any questions/messages, or have any information you would like to see published on this website, please contact us.

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