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In Feb. 1993 the shadow Health Secretary, Mr. David Blunkett M.P., looking at the myodil problem, made four demands of the Government:

Below are documents relating to the 1994 UK litigation (perverted justice).

Alexander Harris Agreement with the NHS and Court Transcript Extract, 1994
Alexander Harris made a disgraceful agreement with the NHS before the UK Litigation began in 1994 whereby Alexander Harris would not pursue the NHS during the proceedings and in exchange for this the NHS would co-operate fully with reference to providing all patient records and documentation.

Settlement Advice July 1995
Myodil litigation settlement advice document. This document was dreadfully flawed towards claimants in assessing the amount of compensation they should recieve.

Below are post litigation correspondence documents between Ursula Coxhead, American Lawyers, British solicitors, Dr. Burton, and the Legal Aid Board.

Ursula Coxhead's explanation of the flawed criteria for diagnosing Adhesive Arachnoiditis used to assess sufferer's eligibility to proceed with their litigation.

February 1995, post litigation correspondence letter from an American lawyer to Ursula Coxhead covering various subjects including the procurement of a video tape from Dr. Burton and the fact that Eastman Kodak's patent for Iophendylate actually expired in the 1950's.

May 1995, correspondence from Dr. Burton to Ursula Coxhead, critizing the flawed criteria used for diagnosing Myodil induced Adhesive Arachnoiditis during the UK litigation in 1994.

June 1995, correspondence from the Legal Aid Board to Ursula Coxhead acknowledging being invited to the educational conference and their view regarding the flawed criteria used to diagnose Myodil induced Adhesive Arachnoiditis in the litigation.

June 1995 further correspondence from the Legal Aid Board to Ursula Coxhead confirming a representative from the Legal Aid Board would attend the educational conference.

July 1995, correspondence from an American lawyer to Ursula's solicitor, in the letter the American lawyer criticizes the medical profession for continuing to use Myodil whilst knowing they were injuring people and that they shoulder equal responsibility with Glaxo.

September 1995, contradictory correspondence from the Legal Aid Board claiming Ursula Coxhead hadn't given the Legal Aid Board sufficient notice with regard to the educational conference on Myodil Induced Adhesive Arachnoiditis.

September 1995, correspondence from the Legal Aid Board to Ursula Coxhead's solicitor, discussed in the letter is the likely prohibitive cost of any new litigation, and how the flawed criteria for diagnosing Adhesive Arachnoiditis during in the litigation is not a matter for the Legal Aid Board to address.

November 1995, correspondence from an American lawyer to Ursula Coxhead covering various subjects such as how the drug producers never tested the product and how the medical profession didn't properly warn patients of the risks.

November 1995, correspondence from the Medicines Control Agency to Ursula Coxhead, in the letter the MCA says that the medical profession should be allowed to experiment on people through the use of unlicensed drugs.

December 1995, correspondence from Dr. Burton to Ursula Coxhead's solicitor. Dr. Burton again critises the criteria used by the Legal Aid board for diagnosing Myodil induced Adhesive Arachnoiditis during the 1994 litigation.

March 1998, correspondence from Ursula Coxhead's solicitor to Ursula Coxhead in which he describes how Glaxo's solicitors pressured the Legal Aid board in to not granting Legal Aid for any new litigation by saying it would be a waste of public money.

April 1999, Parliamentary Ombudsman's Report on MCA Testing and Licensing documentation relating to Myodil.
A committee member of the MAG attempted to obtain documents from the MCA with regard to testing and licensing of Myodil. The MCA refused to provide all documents, so a complaint was made to the Parliamentary Ombudmsan, this is his report.

Speech given by Ursula Coxhead at the inaugural meeting of the Parliamentary All Party Myodil Action Group

Letter from the Lord Warner June 2004 in which he denies granting any inquiry

Letter from Ursula Coxhead to MAG members in response to Lord Warner's Letter 2004

Letter from C Searle to MPs

Dr. Burton's November 2011 letter
Letter written to Ursula Coxhead in which Dr. Burton states in all cases Myodil caused toxic chemical meningitis, and then progressed leading to the secondary condition diffuse Adhesive Arachnoiditis.