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Ursula Coxhead

23 Woodstock Grove London W12 8LE Tel. 0208 740 6830 Chairperson MAG


Dear members,

Our last meeting in the House of Commons took place on the 8/9/04.

I was very pleased to see so many of our members attending this meeting. However just a few MP's attended our meeting. The day was Wednesday, PM question time, and J. Humble MP explained to us that this is the worst day of the week to have a meeting. May I suggest we could have another day in the week for our meetings, so perhaps more of our MP's could have the opportunity to attend.

Some of our members have a long journey to London, particularly as they are disabled. It would be so nice if such meetings would include more MP's.

Now to the meeting: We were all waiting for J. Humble MP to give us "good news". A letter from Lord Warner was read out to us: "it would not be justified to hold a public enquiry or provide compensation to those suffering from Arachnoiditis". Oh I thought, haven't I heard this before? I thought about the phrase in the film Oliver: please Sir, could we have some more? Some more of what, not this.

I think its time to look at our situation in a humane way, not play politic. The evidence is there, so many people are suffering as a direct result from having a Myelogram in the past our lives will never be the same, we are forced to live with pain, but we deserve justice, proper justice.

It is with regret that Christine Searle has resigned as secretary would like to thank her on behalf of all of us for her work reg. MAG. (copy of her letter enclosed)

Kenn Winter has kindly agreed to be our secretary. I have known Kenn for many years; he is an extremely intelligent nice man. Thanks Kenn for taking on this job. Please find a report from Kenn regarding the meeting in the House of Commons.

Further please find enclosed a copy of a letter from Lord Warner to J. Humble MP. Also a copy of a letter 17.8.04 from Lord Warner to J. Humble MP.

I would like to take the opportunity to include in this Newsletter a "Position paper reg. Oil Myelography written by Charles V. Burton M.D." Also I include a copy of Dr. Burton's statement "Governmental Responsibility in Protecting the Public Trust," a very well written report. I enclose page 24 and 25 from litigation papers Alexander Harris.

Glare advised Doctors to use glass syringes to inject Myodil, Myodil melts plastic.

We must stay strong and carry on our fight for justice, however long it takes. I send you all my best wishes and greetings Ursula Coxhead.


Apology from the Editor

Just to say that for those who are familiar with personal Computers this Newsletter has been put together by literal use of "Cut & Paste".

Many thanks to all those who have contributed (we even have a contribution from France). I have tried to keep the content in some sort of order and would like to thank Julia at the Stafford Kall Kwik printers for her help and advice in putting this together in as "Easy Read" format as possible. This is you Newsletter please keep the articles coming in. My address is on the Coversheet.

Merry Xmas to you all and see you in the New Year.